28 February 2010

Russian Caravan

Turtle's trip around Russia left him with a huge sense of accomplishment. Not only because he'd navigated his way around the largest country in the world but also because he had made several new acquaintances on the way. The most exciting thing about these new acquaintances was that Turtle was now able to embark upon his very first international tea exchange. Very exciting indeed.

Have you visited Through The Round Window? If you haven't, you must go and look at the vibrant glass goodies there. Just brilliant. Through The Round Window also has a really nice blog with interesting posts and really beautiful photos. Read it here.

Turtle just loves all the brooches by Teasemade, each has such clever design. Teasemade also has a lovely blog here featuring her beautiful makes.

Adorable printed card by Laura Makes Pictures on Folksy, it's such a lovely print, made using a Japanese Gocco press. Look at the shop for other lovely prints and illustrations. Visit her site here to learn a bit more about her. It's a very cute site too!


  1. Hi, I'd love you to show a photo of these earrings -

    Thanks, Tracy

  2. Hello, I would love very much to promote the following, thank you in advance.


  3. I specialise in funky one off ceramic brooches, earrings and rings like this little beauty. There are lots more jewellery items in my Folksy, Zibbet, and Wow Thank You shops, Gimme That Thing is the shop name.


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.