Meet Turtle & Friends

Who are all these animals that Turtle keeps chatting on about?

Name: Turtle

Species: Tortoise

Age: (Turtle is sensitive about his age)

Height: Somewhere between 1 centimetre and 1 metre

Birthday: 31st July

Occupation: Turtle is in between jobs, but he has worked as a tailor in Hong Kong, a sea captain, a shop assistant, a goat herder, a ringmaster and a clerical assistant in a law firm

Awards: Fashion Newcomer of the Year and The Everlasting Teapot

Address: 64 Tea Leaf Green, Owl Forest, TE4 8AG

Likes: Tea, piccallili, snacking, snoozing, pontificating, looking, pondering, meandering, talking, calculators dressed up like animals, fish puns, reading

Dislikes: Fish, honey in tea, flying, Mustafa, peas

Favourite drink: Tea

Favourite food: Vegetables (especially beetroot)

Languages: English, Whale, Honey-Bee

Name: Tiger

Age: 5

Birthday: 3rd August

Likes: Turtle, being orange, making friends, chasing bugs, cat napping, bubble wrap, licking things

Dislikes: Sitting still, watching tv, things that don’t taste so nice, trapping his tail in doors

Name: Kirin

Age: 12

Birthday: 11th November

Likes: Stationery, reading, arts and crafts, shopping

Dislikes: Loud noises, spiders, fried chicken

Name: Maurice

Age: 9

Birthday: 21st December

Likes: Board games, picnics, the outdoors, hiking, fine dining, fruit, sunny days

Dislikes: Picallili

Favourite pastime: Playing cards

Name: Zebra

Age: 7

Birthday: 12th June

Likes: Fashion, coffee, patisseries, shoes

Dislikes: Clashing colours, rude behaviour, poorly thought out eveningwear

Location: Paris

Name: Lion

Age: 10

Birthday: 17th April

Likes: Butterflies, cooking, combing his mane

Dislikes: When his favourite TV programmes are rescheduled

Favourite meal: Moules Marinieres

Name: Georgio

Age: 7

Birthday: 3rd April

Likes: Opera, singing, caravaning, early mornings, power walking

Dislikes: Missing meals, losing socks, getting lost

Favourite colour: Royal Purple

Name: Monday

Species: Impressed Tortoise

Birthday: 1st December

Likes: Making candles, baking, cake decorating, eating pretty baked goods, travelling

Name: Sam

Species: Russian Tortoise

Birthday: 9th February

Likes: Turtle, and wants to be just like him when he grows up.

Not a lot more is known about Sam as he’s very shy and tends not to say much, which is probably why Turtle likes him so much. Plus, Sam’s pretty clever and always knows the best and fastest way to get a brew on.


  1. they are all so cute xx!

  2. I am going to share Turtle with all of my friends. I have lovely friends and it seems Turtle does, also.

  3. Would like to say thank you to Turtle for introducing his friends, I for one feel very honored as you dont introduce your friends to just anyone. Turtle is a very lucky Tortoise, good friends are hard to find so to have so many says a lot about Turtle! x

  4. I adore Turtles and this blog rocks.

  5. Get in there SAM!!!!!!!


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