30 December 2009

A Letter From Turtle.

Everyone loves getting post, especially Turtle, unless it's about the price of tea leaves going up. But that doesn't happen very often, in fact it's only happened once; when Turtle's neighbour Jeremy decided that it would be funny to send him a letter on April fool's day informing him of a new 'Tea Tax' that would leave Turtle with only two bags a week. Of course, the post arrived after twelve, so really Jeremy was made the fool. Nevertheless, Turtle was still pretty shocked.

Anyway, the point is, Turtle is sending an 'e-letter' of sorts and this is how it goes:

Dear everyone,

Turtle has a favour to ask. Have you drawn or made something that you absolutely love and that you are really proud of? Is it cuter than the tiniest teapot, the poofiest bird or the sleepiest kitten? Do you think it's pretty damn good and just want to show it to everybody?

Turtle would like it very much if you would be kind enough to share these things with him, so that he can sit in a comfy chair and muse over them with a hot cup of tea.

Frankly, what Turtle is saying is that he'd like to talk about your things in his blog, chat to you about them and point people in the general direction of your site or shop etc.

So if you have anything for Turtle to ponder, he'd definately like to see it. Please send him a message with your site or shop address and tell him a bit about yourself and your favourite things.

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