29 January 2010

Knitting Pretty

Turtle awoke one day to find that he was inside a handbag. Who knows how he'd gotten there. He suspected that it might have something to do with his friend Maurice who had looked slightly disgruntled at Turtle's offer of some picalilli earlier that day in the park. Nevertheless, Turtle was in a handbag and, well, he just had to deal with it. Besides, surrounding Turtle was a veritable smörgåsbord of delights: cute bits of stationery, tasty-smelling pots of lip-gloss, the softest hankies in the world, the softest hankie-holder in the world, glittery sweet-wrappers, sparkling beads, discarded pennies... how did anyone ever find anything in here?

Someone who obviously knows their way around a handbag or two is Knitting Pretty. These tasty and tempting treats are available at their Misi shop.

Sushi Handbag from Knitting Pretty.

 Now this definately looks like a handbag that Turtle would enjoy spending time in. Mmmm... veggies.

This bag reminds Turtle of playing his ukulele for a crowd of sunbathing ladies in Hawaii. He got lots of free drinks that day. Visit Knitting Pretty to see this and plenty more.

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