24 January 2010


Whilst walking past the post office, Turtle tripped and fell into the Mesozoic era. Although Turtle found this to be quite an unusual turn of events, he did not panic; he just sat in the tree he'd landed in and waited for the space-time continuum to re-adjust itself. Eventually it did, and he was home just in time for Neighbours.

Amazing! Tree Party Zipper Pouch from Kukubee. Visit their website and etsy shop.

Mini T-Rex Silhouette Ring from Lost at Sea. Visit the website and shop on Folksy.

Stanley the Stegosaurus Toy Dinosaur. From Pink Tree Studios, shops on Misi, Folksy and Etsy.

Dinosaur Valentine's card from good bean. Available at Misi and Folksy.

1 comment:

  1. Have wish listed Stanley on MISI.... hope he doesnt go before payday!!!


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