6 January 2010

Sunny Weather

Today is Turtle's first feature, and well, he's pretty excited. Turtle didn't spend Christmas with his family, they all decided to spend the holiday on a beach in Belize. Although the postcard they sent looked lovely, he prefers the cold weather so he decided not to go.

It was the right choice to stay at home, Turtle built the most amazing snowman; the postman said it looked more like a snow-chicken, but Turtle didn't see it. Anyway, he's been feeling pretty guilty since his mom likes the whole family to be together at Christmas, so Turtle thought he'd get her a little extra present for when she came back.

When Turtle first saw this necklace all those swirls and twirls made him think of the sea, but not as he normally would. You see, Turtle doesn't like the ocean much; on it in a boat, or near it on a sun lounger is fine, but never ever in it. This time though, Turtle thought about how much his mom likes to be by the sea and so decided it was the perfect welcome home present, made by Turtle's new friend Lorraine at Fairly Girly.

Lorraine makes lovely jewellery that makes Turtle's eyes twinkle. You can even host your own Fairly Girly jewellery party, which Turtle particularly likes the idea of since it sounds like a pretty good excuse for lots of little cakes, biscuits and lots and lots of tea.

Find Lorraine's jewellery on the Fairly Girly site, Misi and Folksy.

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  1. Turtle, you picked one of my favourites, glad you like it. Thanks for the mention.
    Lorraine x


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.