19 February 2010

Prawn to be a winner.

So Turtle has been looking forward to this all week.
Thank you everyone for your entries, they have been very effective at tickling Turtle's funny bones.

The winner of this fishy giveaway is...

comment number twelve by Amy!

"That's a pretty big prawn, is it one of the langoustine the sea? Teehee"

So thanks to everyone who entered. There were so many good puns. These are some of Turtle's favourites:

"Would look great with 'Be a Little Shellfish'?!? (A-whale-able to perch-ase on Folk-sea) ...Shameless self-prom-ocean, sorry." by Inspired: Scilly.

"Ooh Turtle has taste :: I need to crab myself one of those :: Hope it won't shrimp in the wash!!" by Mrs Mac

"oh Pollack*s I'm rubbish at this sort of thing i just clam up." by Teasemade.

Excellent work everyone!

Turtle is planning on hosting another giveaway next month, so make sure to keep following and come back to check!

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