10 April 2010

Living In Monochrome

Turtle's arguments with Mustafa the panda are always born of a friendly offer of a cup of green tea. But Turtle is a tea fundamentalist and wont tolerate the adulteration of a good cuppa; so when Mustafa offers a spoon of honey for Turtle's tea, Turtle flies off the handle every time. Of course, Mustafa knows this... and well... finds it quite amusing to be frank.

The latest addition to Turtle's shop is this Panda Panda Panda! birthday card.
Click the picture to visit It Belongs To Turtle.

Even after an argument with a panda like Mustafa, Turtle can't deny how very adorable this necklace from No Fen Just Ned is.
No Fen Just Ned sells beautiful retro-inspired gifts and is definately a shop worth having a peek at.
Click the picture to visit No Fen Just Ned.

This Panda Buddie Plushie from Crywolf Clothing looks like he needs the old universally effective medicine of a hug and a brew.
Visit Crywolf Clothing for lots of lovely hand-printed goodies.
Click the picture to visit.

This oh-so-cute Panda Hat Girl Ring is available from Sweet|Surprises.
This shop is AMAZING for cute!
Click the picture to visit Sweet|Surprises for so many lovely little charms.

Have you made something like this and want to show it off?
Leave a comment here with a link to your item and Turtle will put it in his parade.
See Turtle's Parade Here.


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  2. Living In Monochrome is a fantastic theme, I have two items in particular that might fit the bill.

    A superb Fossil Crinoid Jasper Keyring, or handbag charm,


    And a hand knitted and crocheted handbag, inspired by a magpie, with black and white stripes.


    Both of these items would suit any lady, or flamboyant gent, I'm not here to judge, with a love for the monochromatic look.



  3. I love black & white, and I offer up these two lovelies of mine...

    Monochrome Fabric Buttons

    Starry Night Pencil Case

  4. I have these two lovely monochrome items in my Folksy shop, Purple Shmurple:

  5. I love the black and white theme, always looks good! I have these which may fit the bill:

    Black & White Bead Cluster Earrings

    Clusters of gorgeous beads hang from sterling silver ear wires to make these striking earrings. The beads are a mixture of snowflake obsidian, freshwater pearls and glass.


  6. Great blog! Thanks for your lovely words about the shop, much appreciated x

  7. What a lovely theme! Nearly all of my designs are in monochrome, but here is a new one for you to enjoy :)


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