1 April 2010

Meat and Two Veg

Turtle has never felt the inclination to eat meat, but finds it intriguing nonetheless. He's seen the way that people salivate over a good steak and has wondered to himself many a time "why not the same reaction to a good hearty slice of beetroot?"

For all you lovely meat-eaters there are some rather tasty looking gifts available at Sweet Meats. It is a fantastic shop where your freshly-packed meat can even be deli wrapped! Definately worth a look.
Click the picture to visit Sweet Meats at Etsy for plushies, jewellery, buttons and more.

For just beautiful and unique stamps, visit Enchanting Stamps, where the stamps are all hand-carved and beautiful. (Not just for veggie stamps either.)
Click the picture to visit Enchanting Stamps.

Just outstanding artwork from Michelle Cavigliano at My Zoetrope. Turtle would be happy to plaster his entire home with artwork from My Zoetrope.
Click on the picture to visit My Zoetrope at Etsy.
CAUTION: This link comes with a MAJOR cute warning! Yes-yes.

Have you made something like this and want to show it off?
Leave a comment here with a link to your item and Turtle will put it in his parade.
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  1. for some reason i cant comment on your newest post, but just wanted to say House of Istria LOVES turtle! Have you done a book? I had a quick look in your shop but couldnt see one. You really should! House of Istria had to research making a book for their Degree show project its actually not as expensive as you might think

    House of Istria



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