25 June 2010

Just A Nibble

Sometimes Turtle just can't resist helping himself to a quick taste; a habit that has occasionally landed him in a spot of trouble. It isn't that Turtle doesn't realise that what he's about to do might be considered a bit of a social misdemeanour; it's just that he simply can't resist. He has no control over the lust that steers his awkward tortoise gait towards the glistening tiers of a birthday cake in the corner. And one tortoise on his own can't easily hide a tell-tale trail of sprinkles and marzipan flowers.

Fancy a quick lick? Turtle sure does. Many a tasty treat from The Jewellery Angel.
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Turtle would just adore to spend a sunny afternoon relaxing on this giant Custard Cream Cushion from Sarah Kerry. Turtle loves the descriptions in this shop and hopes that there's much more to come.
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 Turtle's sentiments exactly.
Beautiful Hungry Bear plate from James Ward Designs.
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Have you made something like this and want to show it off?
Leave a comment here with a link to your item and Turtle will put it in his parade.
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