9 June 2010

Z, z, z, zzzap!

Walking through the forest at night can be quite dangerous, Turtle has been told. So for a time, when he worked the evening shift at a local corner shop, Turtle employed an escort to accompany him on his way home. The fee was very reasonable and Turtle was assured that he would be provided with the most vigilant and quick-thinking escort in the area. It turned out that the most vigilant and quick-thinking escort in the area was in fact a rather short-tempered squirrel with a toy space-gun. You couldn't fault Turtle's escort on his passion or commitment to the job; but Turtle couldn't help wonder what the squirrel achieved by throwing poses, pointing his gun and shouting "pow!", "zzap!" and "kablammo!"all the way to Turtle's house.
Stitched illustration isn't something that Turtle's come across before, frankly though he is most allured by it after seeing the work at Sam Gibson on Folksy. Just stunning.
Click the picture to visit.

Janine Bail has a range of excellent range of headband designs, including this lovely comic style one saying "POW!"
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Maybe Turtle would have been better off with this bunny walking him home. He looks like he knows what he's doing.
Click the picture to visit Wonkyworks for possibly some of the most awesome illustrations!

Have you made something like this and want to show it off?
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