20 July 2010

Doodle Schmoodle? Oh Yarrrr!

Today Turtle was nibbling on a few leftover cake crumbs that he'd found in the Folksy forum when he heard some chit-chattering about some sort of Doodle Schmoodle.
Every day for a month, Betty's Place puts forward a doodle page for anyone who wants to join in the Doodle Schmoodle challenge.
You then just chuck your imagination all over it, take a picture and hey presto, you have a Doodle Schmoodle page.
It's an arts and crafts obsessive's dream!

Visit Betty's Place here for the full explanation:

Anyway, Turtle missed day one, but got pretty excited when he saw what day two's Doodle Schmoodle challenge was. Any excuse for Turtle to talk about his sea-captain days...

Day 2, My Pirate Self.
(Turtle suspects that his old tea chest may be lying under the cross on the map. There's nothing much better than brew from an aged leaf.)

There are so many brilliant Doodle Schmoodles, check out the Flickr pool here:

Yarr! Turtle loves a challenge, he does.

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