19 August 2010

Crafting With Samuel

Unfortunately, being that Turtle has no fingers of his own, he couldn't have any fun with his Finger Puppet printable pack. Luckily Turtle has a brand new friend that had a go and told him all about it via the medium of his Mum, aka Floppsie Moppsie.

Meet Samuel.

Age: 3 1/2

Favourite food: Fish Pie

Least favourite food: Cabbage

Favourite colour: black

Hobbies: painting and drawing, flying his kite, going to the woods and walking his Nan's dogs

Loves: his trampoline, anything Spiderman related, trains, boats and animals; and when he's older with his own house he wants lots of Dalmatians!

So, this is how Samuel got on:

"After being quarantined for over 10 days now due to chicken pox, my two boys are going house crazy! My eldest boy Samuel (3) was therefore very excited when we printed of Turtle's finger puppet PDF.

He ran downstairs and pulled out his pens, pencils, scissors and glue and he was off!

First of all he coloured in each of the animals in his 'unique' style!

Then he posed for a photo!

He next carefully cut around each of the finger puppets - mummy had to help a little bit on the curves.

He then glued along each of the glue lines and held them together until they had stuck.

He placed them on each of his fingers - mummy put hers on his other hand. He gave them a good wiggle and was very pleased with himself!!

More photo posing!!

He really enjoyed making these finger puppets and i'm sure he'll want to make them again and again.
I also think they are a brilliant idea for giving children something to do at birthday parties whilst your waiting for all of the children to arrive."

Turtle doesn't use this word often, but he's pretty darn chuffed that Samuel enjoyed his finger puppets. So chuffed in fact, that he needs a quick brew to calm down a bit.

Thanks to Samuel, and to Samuel's Mum from Floppsie Moppsie.
Visit the Floppsie Moppsie shop here.


If you'd like to try Turtle's animal finger puppets they are available from both the Folksy and Etsy It Belongs To Turtle shops.

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  1. Aw, that's so lovely - what gorgeous cheesy grins he has. Perfect. Elaine


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