25 September 2010

From Bumpo: Barnaby Richards Interview

Today, Turtle is taking a well deserved rest and is handing over his blog to his new friend Rob from Bumpo's. There is much inside Turtle's computer that he is yet to discover, and he is most pleased that Rob has found a tasty gem to share with Turtle and all his readers.

So, while Turtle warms his favourite teapot in preparation for a pre-snooze brew, he would like to introduce you to Rob, aka Bumpo.

When I saw that Turtle was seeking guest contributors I knew this was a chance to redeem myself having been given the 'cold shell' since an unfortunate incident during Turtle's Sea Captain days (how was I to know the Whale understood English and that was his wife?!?)

 Remembering these youthful excursions put me in mind of a very curious tale, told to me in hushed tones in darkened rooms; whispers of Cosmo, afoot in strange lands, beset by fantastical beasts.

His chosen medium to relay these tales? The Postcard no less!
Indeed Postcards addressed to one Barnaby Richards...

A Postcard From Cosmo
Barnaby Richards.

Rob : So Barnaby Richards...is that your real name?

Barnaby : Yup.

Rob : Don't suppose you've any identification...no? no, no that's fine, never mind...
       Now, your 'friend' Cosmo...

Barnaby : I know as much as you- it's all on Trapped by Monsters.

Rob : You mean to say you have no idea who the wayfaring Cosmo is?

Barnaby : Nope.

Rob : Remarkable then that he has somehow chosen you to convey these wondrous tales to the world. How did this all begin?

Barnaby : Yes, I know! The first postcard was sitting on my desk when I went to start work on the morning of the 16th of June and each subsequent week, every Wednesday morning, I find another postcard addressed to me. Quite how long it's going to last I really have no idea. I might be moving house in a month or so... will I still get the postcards?

Rob : I would dearly hope so. It has been noted that on each postcard Cosmo alters the address slightly, could this somehow be part of his secret?

Barnaby : Well, the only thing that changes in the address is that the 12 letters of the word "Candlebridge" rotate. What that means, I don't know... but yes, I guess there must be something in that. Candlebridge itself is a place that fascinates me. Obviously the postcards say 'Candlebridge Supplies' on them. Also, the postage mark on the latest postcards appears to have a sort of candle/bridge emblem.

A Postcard From Cosmo
Barnaby Richards.

Rob : Curiouser and curiouser. Now as an Illustrator of some renown, regularly having work published in leading British periodicals such as The Guardian and The Observer, amongst others, it has been suggested in some sections that you could be fabricating these tales and indeed Cosmo himself, how do you respond to these tawdry accusations?

Barnaby : Well, you yourself used the word 'tawdry' and I thank you for that. One can shine a light into the dark but there really is no cure for dullness.

Rob : Quite so and if I may venture further, well said. I imagine, with being in the dark as much as the rest of us as to where Cosmo's adventures will take him, especially given the growing concern to wit Malthus' recent behavioural changes, it must be incredibly hard to make any plans but I know there is a growing clamour from the public for some sort of compendium to preserve these adventures for future generations...

Barnaby : It would certainly seem fitting to commemorate something so inexplicable! I'm just filing them away for safe keeping at present - somewhere where the cat can't get at them. However, I can assure you that when I do get round to putting together such a publication, you and your readers will be (among) the first to know!

Rob : We look forward to hearing from you. Barnaby Richards, thank you.

Barnaby : Thanks Robert.

 So there we have it dear reader. I fear our investigation has thrown up more questions than answers.
Who is Cosmo? Or indeed what?? And how do these deltiological messages make their way to Barnaby's desk???
 We can only hope more of the mystery will be revealed come Wednesday and the next Postcard From Cosmo.

A postcard from Cosmo is posted every Wednesday morning on the Trapped by Monsters website.
To find out more about Barnaby Richards, visit The Barnaby Richards Archive.

Turtle would like to give a big thanks to Rob for being his very first guest blogger, and highly recommends a visit to his blog: Bumpo's.

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  1. Great interview, Bumpo! I hadn't come across that website - brilliant! And the Cosmo postcard series is wonderful.

    Sam x

  2. Great interview, I love the Cosmo postcards!

  3. Love this interview with Richards, check out his interview alongside comic legend Pat Mills:



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