1 September 2010

Time For Tea

It was time for tea, Turtle thought; but what kind?

A tea of vast proportions would probably be best...


  1. Just. Completely. Absolutely. Genius. GENIUS!!! Another magical pairing is launched on our screens - Turtle and Sam. Think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with shell gloss. Morcombe and Wise, only littler. Incredible and inspired - and loving the banjo soundtrack too!

    Many, many, many congratulations for this miniature masterpiece!!!

  2. That put a big smile on my grumpy face...i love a builders brew cuppa (-:

  3. Hehe! Genius, I love it. That's cheered me up no end... and now I think I shall make myself a cuppa of epic proportions. Turtle, you're inspirational!

  4. Turtle's glad you enjoyed it. It was a tasty brew.

  5. saw this on Facebook, brilliant!


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.