15 September 2010


On his way home from work Turtle took a left where normally he would take a right. This was most unlike Turtle and he himself did not know why he'd done it. But after marching on for a while Turtle arrived at a small country dwelling inhabited only by an overly-talkative robot. Before he could retrace his steps and amend the anomalous left turn, Turtle found himself dining al fresco with the robot and listening to what can only be described as his encyclopedic knowledge of beluga whales.

Lil Fella the Whale brooch and

Barnacle the Whale brooch
both from Lizzybeth's Felties.
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Robot iphone/ipod etc. cosy from SugarplumFairyLand.
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Humpbot Whale print.
Lots more animal-bot prints from Hamburgerpanda.
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