28 October 2010

From Bumpo: Aidan's Monsters

When Rob came to Turtle's house for a spot of tea, he had something special to tell Turtle.
The only trouble was that Turtle couldn't concentrate properly what with all the surrounding banana-bread treats that Rob had brought with him.

So, Turtle thought it was best if Rob came back, sans tasty-treats, and posted it on the blog.

Aidan's Monsters

I honestly don't know how to write about this one, but it's a story that deserves attention and despite all logic being to the contrary it's a beautiful little thing.

I'll keep this short because really there's very little for me to say; Aidan is 5 years old, he like's monsters, drawing, clowns, dressing up, and last month he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

I have no idea how I would handle news like that, I don't even want to associate the thought with my own niece or nephew, it's just too much. No child should have to face something so daunting.

But I started this with the mention of something kinda beautiful and that comes from Aidan himself, the kids got heart ya see? Throughout his Chemo sessions and recovery periods he's never lost his sense of fun or love of drawing monsters (I'm mad jealous of his Wolfman).

To help raise money for his medical bills an Etsy shop has been set up selling both prints and original artwork by Aidan.

Now I'm not one for schmaltz, the worlds a tough place full of sad stories but right here there's a chance for the creative community to look after one of it's own, you can directly help Aidan and his family, you can put a smile on the face of a sick 5 year old. You can make a difference and I really want you take this opportunity today to do something good.
(P.s. damn straight I bought a Wolfman print, it's awesome.)

You can visit the Aidan's Monsters Etsy shop here.
You can also read about Aidan here on the Aid For Aidan blog.
Guaranteed to make you smile.

Thanks again Rob.
Good work indeed.

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