27 January 2011

Umm... Raaaaar! Was it?

Whilst sitting in the tree and awaiting his return to the present time, Turtle began to ponder the disadvantages of accidental time travel. Of course, the most serious would be if Turtle were in his house with guests and was unable to finish making the "welcome" brew. This would indeed be considered most rude, not to mention a source of endless gossip. Luckily, as Turtle was flung back in time on this occasion, he was only on the way to the Post Office and had already had his morning cuppa.
Extra lucky really, as the Mesozoic era is well known to be the golden age for reptilian tea parties and unfortunately Turtle really couldn't get down.

Spotty Dinosaur from Made By Dolly at Folksy.
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Turtle found Made By Dolly in his Flickr pool and he's glad he did.

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  1. No need to fret Turtle, Rainbow himself makes a fine brew, although dinosaurs do find it so hard to handle a teapot. Thanks for the feature xxxx


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