20 February 2014

The Tortoise and the Bear

'But, am I a bear though?'
thought Turtle as his goliath companion delicately topped up their teapot with more hot water.
After much discussion, the Bear had conceded that Turtle's hue was indeed most uncommon in his species, and his gait most un-bearlike.
But still, the Bear insisted in a most endearing way that Turtle was in fact not a tortoise at all.
And although it was a difficult notion for him to accept, it did go some way towards explaining all that 'rawwrrrr'-ing in Turtle's sleep.

Teddy bear felt bracelet from The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

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  1. Yaay I see you've posted more
    Keep it up :)


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.