26 May 2010


Crabblers live amongst Turtle's collection of fine bone china, in one of those fancy display cabinets with gleaming glass panes. Turtle doesn't know about the crabblers, but the crabblers know about him. They've seen him passing the time reading a book at the dining room table; they've watched him struggle to pick up hard-boiled eggs in the kitchen; and they've even heard him singing along with the kettle whilst it boils away on the stove. And yet, Turtle knows not of his house guests and their voyeuristic ways. Turtle has never seen any crabblers, but some of his friends say that they have seen them:

Maurice says that they watch tv all night long;
(Click the picture to visit Strawberry Anarchy.)

Zebra says that they got into Turtle's house through a magic door;
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Tiger insists that crabblers are small, puffy and of course orange; but he would say that, being orange himself.
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Giraffe says that once a month he and the crabblers take Giraffe's latest purchase from the stationery shop and make some nice art with it.
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Turtle would love to know if you've seen any crabblers. If you have, why not doodle him a picture here and send him a screen print. Or doodle it wherever you like and email him your picture. Turtle [at] good-bean [dot] co [dot] uk


  1. You have fantastic whimsical imagination (-:

  2. Turtle needs to polish his shell with one of these: http://www.folksy.com/items/529085-Organic-cotton-wash-cloths-in-blueberry-lemon-and-lime-guaranteed-to-last-?shop=yes

    Then he can see the Crabblers in the reflection.

    Now, Turtle, is Earl Grey ok?

  3. Earl Grey would be perfect. What a most sneaky and excellent plan Eidelweiss. Those crabblers will no doubt be discovered soon with thinking like that!

  4. I love the way you write and thank you so much for including my little brooch, it's so kind of you:)


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