30 May 2010

Milk and Two Sugars

A while ago Turtle asked for somebody to test his polka dot tea party set and the fantastic Zoe from Buttons and Bows volunteered and held a lovely tea party with her daughters. Luckily they took some lovely photos of their tea party for Turtle:

It looks like they had a really nice tea party, with lots of tasty tea and cakes.
Zoe's daughters even made these felt cupcakes and iced buns. They look good enough to eat, Turtle thinks.

Read the full post about their tea party here on Buttons and Bows.

If you'd like to have your own pretty polka dot tea party the kit is available in Turtle's shop.
Click the picture below to take a look.


  1. Thanks Turtle, we had a lot of fun!! THis really is a great set for many occassions.


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.