22 July 2010

Competition! Turtle's New Shell.

Don't tell him, but frankly Zebra just can't take Turtle's plain old ways any longer.
So Zebra's running a sneaky competition to give Turtle a new look.

Zebra wants you to help him decorate Turtle's shell.

To enter:

Print out the image above
Decorate Turtle's shell in whatever way you fancy, using whatever you want; paints, crayons, collage...
Take a photo of your entry and upload it to the It Belongs To Turtle Flickr Pool.
(If you don't have a Flickr account and don't want to get one then just email your image to Turtle or one of his friends and they will add it to the pool; their email addresses can be found on their profile pages.)

The competition closes at midnight on Thursday 29th July.
There will be 3 winners chosen by a special guest judge and they will be announced on Friday 30th July.

What's up for the win?

1st Prize: 3 animal cards, 1 animal coaster and 1 animal keyring
2nd Prize: 1 animal card and 1 animal keyring
3rd Prize: 1 animal keyring

(If you win you get to choose which animals you would like on your prizes.)

Have fun, and leave a comment with a link to your picture.


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  2. Have made a little red and green shell for turtle http://www.flickr.com/photos/sketchstitch/4820912699/

  3. Wow! Do you mind if your picture gets added to the Flickr pool?

  4. They can both go in, multiple entries are welcome! I love the raised eyebrow in that second one.

  5. Ok here is my contribution folks :o)


    Hope you like it :o) xXx

    ps you can add it to Flikr if you wish x

  6. Soz here is image location lol xXx


  7. Just added my Spotty N Stripy entry!

    Zoe. x

  8. Turtle is most pleased. Most pleased indeed.

  9. Dear Turtle
    I have just sent an entry to design your new shell to Tiger's email.

    I hope you like my design?

    Helen Jane


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