25 July 2010

The Movies

Maurice, Zebra, Lion, Tiger and Giraffe decided to go to the cinema to see Toy Story 3. The showing was at 12.00 so they agreed to meet at 11.30.

But wait, where's Tiger?
Ugh, he always does this!

So, off they went to look for him.

Giraffe asked her friend from the stationery club:

but she didn't know where Tiger was.

Zebra asked the eggs in the fridge:
(They'd been helpful before when Turtle had lost his keys)

but they hadn't seen Tiger either.

Maurice checked inside all the empty toilet rolls:

but there was no trace of Tiger in any of them.

Lion decided to ask a passing cow:

And after reeling off a speech about the virtues of a good pizza oven, the cow told Lion that he'd seen somebody chasing bugs in the garden.

And, true enough, there was Tiger, having a taste of some tomato plants.

They didn't taste so good, but never mind, maybe when the tomatoes are ripe.

So after Lion and Tiger rounded everyone up, they went off to the cinema.

They just made it on time.

They all enjoyed the film; except Zebra, who found the whole thing a little unsettling and now really doesn't trust an unlocked toy box.


Turtle appreciates your comments. They're as tasty to him as a hot, steamy tea on a cold, wintry night.